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At IncredeME, our mission is to inspire innovative & creative thinking in young minds.

We offer Learning Programs and Innovative & Creative Quotient (ICQ) Test - Level 1 & Level 2 that are based on the key parameters that drive children's ability to think different and create new things. 

Students across 15+ countries vouch for our flexi-thinking and design thinking exercises. We cater not only to students from India; but also USA, Canada, U.K., U.A.E., Oman, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries which account to 20% of our students.

Our Free Level 1 Indicative ICQ Test and Paid ICQ Level 2 Comprehensive Test, are available for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8

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The Incredeme advantage

Children become optimistic and ambitious as they gain confidence in thinking fast and tackling challenges. You will see them reducing anxiety and stress as they gain confidence. As they learn it’s OK to iterate in designs, they will know it’s ok to not get everything right first time, and will develop the persistence to learn and improvise continuously.

  • Observation skills & curiosity.
  • Empathy to understand and relate to another person’s feelings.
  • Divergent thinking ability to come up with multiple varied ideas, problem solving attitude.
  • Convergent thinking ability to refine & narrow ideas based on constraints.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Imagination to envision the future.
  • Design skills to apply multi-disciplinary knowledge, design nuances & techniques.
  • Persistence to iterate & build.
  • Transforming ideas to solutions.
  • Design visualisation
  • Creative Writing
  • Aesthetics

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Since our launch in May 2020, we have had great response on our programs